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A Growth Mindset

I’ve been at this 3D printing thing for awhile now, but I’m here to tell you, I still mess up! This week I’ve been working on a version of the LAMP for VI Keyguard. I have a student who is blind that used an Accent from our statewide lending library. The Accent 1000 didn’t come with the LAMP for VI keyguard, so I took advantage of the one that Ken @ Volksswitch had already designed and posted. (Thanks, Ken!) The student I’m working with did great with the Accent; however, the device had to go back after a few weeks. Unfortunately, LAMP for VI isn’t available on the iPad, but, for this student it doesn’t really matter, because we don’t believe he is seeing the buttons on the screen. That being said, we don’t need the high contrast pageset and can use the regular pages.

<Insert growth mindset>

This week I had to create a LAMP WFL VI keyguard for our 9th gen iPad in an HDE case. This required some new learning on how to place the guide marks along the edge, and some decision making on where to put the horizontal guide marks since the spacing of the side rails is different than on the Accent. Over the course of a few days I got it. Thank goodness for the “previewer” in OpenSCAD. It was me making changes in the openings and additions files and watching things move to design it, but I DID IT! And, I’m pretty darn proud of it!

Next came the printing, which is usually pretty straightforward for me, since I’ve done a fair amount of it over the last few years. Let’s just say this was not a “good technology week” for me! First print, the color change to make the raised surfaces yellow, never happened, but I was excited to see it fit well and my guide marks were spot on. Second print, I messed up when the color change happened when I sliced it. Major bummer since I needed the keyguard ASAP. Third print: SUCCESS! Keep in mind each print took over 4 hours. The prints happened over two days, and I’m writing this a little after midnight after staying up late to get it done, because there’s a therapist and an amazing student eager to use it.

Moral of the story: 3D printing is fabulous but not always easy! Have a growth mindset, expect imperfections, but don’t give up! The results are worth it!

And, if you need a LAMP keyguard with the VI guides for a 9th gen iPad in an HDE case, hit me up and I’ll send you the file!

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