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Get to Know Us a Bit Better

At Building AAC, we provide our clients access to comprehensive Augmentative Communication systems.  We believe in educating not only the individual with complex communication needs, but also the family and caregivers who support communication in the natural environments.   

From device evaluations to therapy, our personalized services allow us to manage whatever augmentative communication needs you have.

Jennifer Schubring is a Speech/Language Pathologist with 18 years of experience in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).  Jennifer received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While there, Jennifer began her journey in the field of AAC completing her first course in augmentative and alternative communication as an undergraduate, and working for a university clinic that specialized in AAC.  Jennifer decided to continue to pursue her passion and interest in the field of AAC and attend The Pennsylvania State University for graduate school. Jennifer received a graduate assistantship to work with Dr. Janice Light, a leader in the field, to complete research in the area of AAC. Jennifer had the pleasure of assisting with several research projects at Penn State but completed her final research paper in the area of literacy for nonverbal individuals.  The project that Jennifer worked on was later published by Mayer Johnson as the Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) curriculum. After graduating in 2005 with a Master's degree in Speech/Language Pathology, Jennifer has continued to specialize in AAC working in a variety of settings to include: Birth-to-Three, outpatient clinic, hospital, and school settings. Jennifer's guiding belief is that ALL individuals can and will communicate if we have high expectations, provide a robust communication system, and empower individuals with a customized system that will meet their daily communication needs. 

One of Jennifer's driving forces in starting Building AAC was to provide services in a better way.  At Building AAC, we believe that it is important to incorporate parents, siblings, friends, caregivers, and any other communication partner into all aspects of therapy.  These very important people are the ones that communicate the most with the individual with complex communication needs. Change is NOT going to happen in a clinic for 30 or 60 minutes per week.  Services are provided in the natural environment (your home, the community, worksites, etc.) to promote easier carryover and generalization of skills.  Jennifer is here to coach communication partners in working with the individual 24/7!  When this happens true growth is seen!

At Building AAC we want to help individuals to say “what they want; when they want; to whomever they want; wherever they want." - Gayle Porter


Augmentative Communication Specialist

Jennifer is a Mom to three smart, silly, feisty little girls.  Her husband Cory is one lucky guy living in a house full of women!  Jennifer loves running, gardening, and cake decorating in her spare time.



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