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Winter and Spring WATRN updates

The Wisconsin Assistive Technology Regional Network (WATRN) is excited to have finalized our upcoming Winter meeting! We We are squeaking out this meeting just a couple days before the last day of winter! So we can still technically call it our "winter meeting" but let's keep our fingers crossed that it feels more like Spring in Wisconsin! What a crazy year it has been! I know many of you have been back to in-person learning from the start of the year, some have been hybrid or have found yourselves going between the two models, and for some of us (me included) we are just going back to in-person learning. Whatever the case may be, I think we can all agree with this Dr. Seuss sticker.

Red circle with white writing that reads: I will teach you in a room.  I will teach you over Zoom.  I will teach you here or there.  I will teach because I care!

We are excited for our next two WATRN meetings: Winter-Accessible educational materials (Thursday, 3/18/2021 3:30-6:00) Vendor: LessonPix with Beth Poss -- LessonPix is a fantastic visual support platform that includes so many interactive and fun ways to engage students with printable and virtual materials! You won't want to miss this! Spring-Students with significant impairments (Date coming soon - This meeting will tentatively be held one of the last couple weeks of April on a Wed/Thursday.) Vendor: Boardmaker -- We will take a look at the all new Boardmaker 7! Here is our invite and link to register: 2020-2021 Meeting Invite and Registration. As with the previous two meetings we will cap registration at 100 people and give first priority to those in Wisconsin. The link will be sent out approximately one day before the meeting. We're looking forward to connecting with everyone in a few weeks, and let's keep our fingers and toes crossed that we will be able to get back to seeing this fabulous professional learning network face-to-face soon! Hope to see you all soon! The WATRN Leaders

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