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SGD Evaluations in the Schools: How to do it and why you should!

Updated: Apr 9

This year at ATIA 2021 I am presenting a session named: SGD Evaluations in the Schools: How to do it and why you should! I get asked about speech generating device (SGD) evaluations a lot! There's always questions such as, "Will the district have to pay for a device?" and "How do I get the equipment/devices needed?" This session is geared toward demystifying the process and providing some answers and resources for school SLPs and professionals. The session is recorded and will be posted by ATIA until June 30, 2021. The entire AAC Strand can be purchased, which includes two days of sessions that were recorded live and many pre-recorded sessions. All of the presentations have been phenomenal!

I am posting a PDF of my presentation here, but would highly recommend attending the session on 2/4/2021 @ 11:00 CST or viewing the recording, as well.

Update (4/9/2021): The link to the coaching slides in the presentation was not working for some people. Please try this link. (The link should force you to make your own copy of the slides.) If it doesn't work, contact me via email: jennifer@buildingaac.com, and I will share them directly with you.

SGD Evaluations in the Schools-ATIA 2021
Download • 1.08MB

Screenshot of title slide from the presentation.  Background color is blue and purple. Image has swirls with icons in the circles.  Text reads: ATIA 2021, SGD Evaluations in the Schools: How to do it and why you should! Jennifer Schubring, M..S., CCC-SLP, Building AAC, LLC & Green Bay Area Public Schools

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