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Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) Essential Elements

First, this was work that I did for the Green Bay Area Public Schools (my day job!), but I feel strongly it should be widely disseminated. My business website is the easiest way for me to do that, but I just want to acknowledge that the word was done during my time in the district, so the credit goes to GBAPS!

We are using SeeSaw in our elementary programs. Our curriculum department uploaded the Common Core State Standards into the "skills" in SeeSaw. I wanted our teachers who have students using the alternate standards (DLM EE) to also be able to use the skills feature in SeeSaw. So, I began the tedious process of formatting them into the spreadsheet from SeeSaw.

This work should not be done twice, so here you go! These files are up to date as of 8-27-2020. These are Excel files that can be directly uploaded into SeeSaw for Schools using their formatting for skills. Please note that this is only completed for the ELA and Math Essential Elements. The Science Essential Elements were not in a Excel format and although I'm dedicated, I'm not THAT dedicated!

Here is a link to how to use the Skills within SeeSaw for Schools.

I hope you all have a wonderful school year!

Download XLSX • 22KB

Download XLSX • 91KB

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