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Building AAC is a specialized speech & language therapy practice for children and adults that focuses on individuals with complex communication needs who need help with developing and obtaining a comprehensive augmentative communication system.  Our mantra is "presume competence" knowing that all individuals can and will communicate.  It is our belief that there are no prerequisite skills for individuals with complex communication needs and, therefore, the ultimate goal is always to build a robust communication system unlocking the communication potential in everyone.  We are located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, but provide services throughout the state of Wisconsin.

By: Frank Dolhoff
Waves of Words


Behind the eyes full of life

Thinking many thoughts

Thinking if only

If just these thoughts could become words

Words that would flow as a stream out of my mouth

Waves of big words that would fill the room

Would fill the streets and squares

Could be heard upstairs and downstairs

Outside and inside

But the sound is stuck behind my eyes

If you listen

And look into my glowing eyes

You will see my cry

You will see the waves of words

Words that will never be cried out



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